Green Bay Family Fun Run Course

Kid's ½ mile run: 
Slight hill and paved streets that start and end at the corner of Pinehurst and Finger. You will be able to see your children as they run up Pinehurst, down Sunrise, past the side of Martin Elementary School, turn around, and come back to finish. Runners will be supervised by volunteers along the course. We will control traffic. 

5K run: 
Good challenging course with slight hills and paved streets. The run begins on the corner of Pinehurst and Finger, take right on Finger Road,right on Skyline Boulevard, right on Newberry Avenue past Preble High School, uphill to a right on Menlo Park Road, right on Hillside Drive, left on Edgewood Drive, right on Crest Lane to the finish at the corner of Crest Lane and Pinehurst. Runners and walkers will be supervised by volunteers at various points along the course. The course will be marked with tape on the road. There will be a water station around the half way point. We will control traffic.